Vlado Iskrov: the idea of our camp is to be a springboard for children

Vladimir IskrovIn the summer in Gabrovo will be held the first edition of the International Basketball Camp (read here). Its Organizer is Vladimir Iskrov and Bulgarian coaches, there will be those from abroad. In front of BGbasket.com he tells about how she was born the idea of Campa and what are its objectives:


-In August ahead of the first edition of the International Basketball Camp in Gabrovo. How did the idea for it?
-In the last year at my work, so I had opportunity to see a lot of places and see how things happen in basketball aspect there. I managed to last 40 days in the United States, before that I was in Ireland, and after the United States was for a few days in Italy. In fact, on that basis, I found that in the vast majority of World Basketball is one tool for the development of the personality of young people. People in advanced countries long ago realized that basketball is not done in order to have professional athletes and each club to search for such, but to have personalities. That is to say, through basketball to negatively affect our young to be built as good people. From this point I realized that I needed to do something different in Bulgaria for starters and I think starting with this camp will be able to make a slight change.
The idea is to have coaches from different countries to enhance the skills of basketball players in Bulgaria and to demonstrate new methods of teaching. In fact, as a long term goal is part of the kids who attend these camps to get the opportunity to play basketball abroad and also receive training. This will happen because of our agency partners, Sigma Sport. Last time I was in Italy I had a chance to see how things happen in their schools and teams. The people in these countries are looking for talented children, but still know that even if you take any, it does not give them a guarantee that they will become basketball players. The good thing about that is done, however, is that they will have the opportunity to play and also learn. I mean, at the very least to have one language.
In a few words this is the idea of this camp-to enable the child to touch the coaches from the European level, and if any of these kids be your preferred or impressed by the Agency to make a connection and to seek fulfillment in abroad.

First of all is at the heart of Bulgaria and is a convenient location. Secondly, the conditions are unique to basketball-like platforms and as the rooms. Third, there is a brand new hotel with a large base, 4 stars and everything necessary for the holding of an international camp at a high level. Separately two years ago, I worked there and I have the support of City Hall, Chardafon-Orlovets and all people who are somehow tied to basketball in the city.

-Say something poveča for coaches, who will be the Campa …
-From our side there will be trainers of Botevgrad, Plovdiv, Blagoevgrad, Sofia. In fact, those who will be coming from abroad will be from four countries-Italy, the United States, Austria and Slovakia. A little more information about names, and for the people themselves will have until the end of May. Either way, people will be coming from the serious teams. We expect the main trainer of Reggio Emilia. I spoke with Tommaso Komelini, which is one of the owners of Sigma Sport and thanks to whom those coaches will come to Bulgaria. He confirmed that work seriously and that there is a option and one of the national coaches of Italy to come to Kampa. In the process of completing things.

-Every beginning is hard. With what difficulties face on the organisation?
-Kampovete really are great, and the purpose of this is to have a little more benefit for children. Almost every child goes to camp or in Bulgaria or in Serbia. Goes 8-10 days somewhere, then tucked into her Club and nothing changes. The idea of this camp was to be as a springboard for talented children and really have a bigger bonus from the emotion that will be with children from other teams from other countries and that they will receive adequate training a basketball. The idea is to have something like perspective-any option or the possibility of them for a better development. Not only as athletes, but also as people. During my basketball trips in the last year I saw that really can basketball is a wonderful thing to be used for the development of these young people. We've had many racers that were unique players 16 or 17 years, but due to an injury or any other reason, you need to stop and then with this child knows what is happening. If we have a talented player such as Christian Darlings and Nikola Angelov, who left for the United States, even if they have a health problem, they will have a very good education and it will help them to succeed in life. For me these are the best steps for our young players. Just to give them the possibility of Bulgaria setting foot in Western Europe, and from there to move up to the world.

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