Vlado Iskrov for emotions of International Basketball Camp

Vlado Iskrov for emotions of International Basketball Camp
22-09-2016 14:04 | Vladimir Iskrov

Vladimir Iskrov's of the young Bulgarian coaches, but it already has a lot of experience behind us in the profession. This summer he was chief organizer of the camp, which was held in Gabrovo. On this occasion he comes out with another post on my blog at: BGbasket.com


Dear friends, less than a month ago in Gabrovo took place the first edition of the International Basketball Camp. I would like to express my sincere thanks to Mrs Tanya Das, Mayor of the town of Gabrovo, for having adopted and supported the idea of over 220 children to exercise active for 8 days.


Training process was extremely busy, the children practiced three times a day, and in poludnite had the opportunity to enrich their common culture with visits to the Home of humour and satire, and the Ethnographic open-air museum "etar". Access to these sites was secured again by the municipality of Gabrovo and the kids took completely free from this cultural wealth.



The official opening of the International Basketball Camp took place on 15 August, as a special guest was Mrs. Rosalie Daniel, Chairman of the State Agency for child protection. Ms. Daniel announced the start of an exhibition game between the two best team in Bulgaria up to the age of 12 years: Academic Champion and co-champion 99 Bulteks Balkan.



Extremely valuable for participants was the presence of coaches from the United States, Italy and the Czech Republic. The main merit these professionals to come to Gabrovo is the owner of the "Sigma Sports" Mr Tommaso Komelini.


Of course, Bulgarian coaches that helped this event to take place, they gave the best of themselves. In this way, the Bulgarians and foreigners are successfully working as a team with the idea of 8 days to teach at our basketball skills that will help them not only in sports, but in life.


Once again I want to express my infinite gratitude to the entire coaching team, thanks to which the International Basketball Camp takes place on an extremely high technical level:

Tommaso Komelini-Manager and owner of the "Sigma Sports", Sibelius Dzanardi-breeder of national teams in the North of Italy, Giuseppe Siklari-head coach in the PMS Torino, Federico Vecchi-Sports Director of Virtus Bologna and coached the team to 18 years, Chris Diehl-coach of the national team of Kosovo to 16 years, Joey Cooper-coach of the national team of Macedonia to 16 years, Dustin Carter-works with the men's team in Kosovo , Libor Havranec-athletic coach in England.



The Chief coach of Bulgarian Campa was Melissa Daniels. I want to express my gratitude to her, because she not only is a great coach, but also a wonderful person. I wish every club in Bulgaria to have a trainer like her in school. She may be the only coach with more than 100 consecutive wins. English coaches who work abroad are also featured. Ravi Dani that works and plays in Viterbo, Italy, also helped in training. Aleksandar aleksiev, from Trenta, impressed with his knowledge of basketball game even foreign coaches.



Special thanks to local coaches who helped immensely with the Organization: Victor Daniel-head coach at Chardafon-orlovets, Anita Daniel, Nicholas Dale/Doctor/Galia Ilieva, the youngest and most ambitious in the team of Chardafon-Orlovets Antonio Stankov. I am very glad that all young coaches, despite the busy schedule, managed to maintain high levels of performance, and it was surrendering and on children. Thanks to: Teddy Beech by CSKA, Ivan Bonev of Champion 2006, Miniskus Zikas from CSKA, Jana Čakalska from the Balkan, light Dakila from Sofia, Samuel Daniel of Eurobasket and Stefan Ivanov (teaches and works as a coach in the Netherlands).


The Campa attended and many coaches that arrived with their teams. I am extremely happy that they believed in the idea of IBC and thank them. They are: Jordan Ivanov, brought the first gold medal of the Plovdiv in the last Academic year with 12 year old boys, as well as his assistant Dimitar Dimitrov, CJ Daniel returned from the United States and now resurgent basketball in the town of dupnitsa.



The children did their first steps in the mental training. With the help of a sports psychologist. Galina Rogleva, each participant in the Campa is touched and to that part of the training process. The coaches had the opportunity to undergo psychological training and attend seminars conducted by Italian and American coaches.


During the camp, the kids had the pleasure to get to know each other and a few legends of the Bulgarian basketball. Mrs. Julia Daisley-European Club Champion with Levski-at the age of 14 is called in the women's national team and thus becomes the youngest ballplayer, part of the women's national team in the history of Bulgaria. She talked about some of the clearest successes of women's basketball. Paid attention to the combination of sport and education.


Sri Panov is another story, but the men's basketball, which uphold the IBC. He talked about the four Olympiads in which I was involved, as the two of them was a standard bearer of the Bulgarian group, talks about his career and continued sports also drew attention to the importance of education.



The children from the camp had the chance to get acquainted with Prof. Tsurov and Prof. Tsarova-teachers in basketball, in which most Bulgarian coaches have gone into training students at NSA "Vassil Levski". They gave some valuable advice to young athletes.


Kulminacionniât point was on the exhibition game in basketball in wheelchairs. Special guests were the guys on the team Sofia-Balkan. They showed incredible skill and motiviraha children with the sports zeal and desire they hold. It is important to note that Sofia-Balkan was the first champion of Bulgaria the basketball on the carts. Demonstrativniât match plus, was played between the two semifinals of the first National final Championship for amateurs.



Official guests of the closing ceremony were the President of the Bulgarian basketball Federation Georgi Glushkov and Deputy Chairman of the State Agency for child protection Ms. Velina Dai. By the hosts – Ms. Tanya Das.


I want to express special thanks to the companies that helped sponsors this event to be a real holiday for all participants. There were also people and companies help finance part of Campa and with this help we purchased 80 books

"Thank you basketball" Georgi Panov, and the full amount of the purchase of these books was directed to the author.


The most emotional was the last day on which all participants received awards at IBC and Campa was closed, as it began-with the the anthem of Bulgaria with one fundamental difference-220 children sang the national anthem during the closure. This greatly impressed me and I believe that we've been able to really do something meaningful during these eight days.


Success and thanks to all who were a part of IBC Gabrovo 2016.

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