Tommaso Komelini for International Basketball Camp: I have high expectations

19-05-2016 05:00 | Lubomir Neshev

Tommaso Komelini is not known on the Bulgarian community, but is sufficiently well known in European basketball. It is part of the heads of agency Sigma Sports, which is a partner of International Basketball Camp (read here). The Agency will also send coaches to Kampa, which will be held in the month of August in Gabrovo. Here’s what share Kamelini on the occasion of Campa and his agency:
“My agency Sigma Sport is based in Italy and works mostly with European players. We started about 15 years ago and we are focused on the market in Europe, although we have had players who have been selected in the NBA draft, and played in the League. It really is a dynamic business, so we have to be open to major changes and is now more than ever we are open to the international market. We have customers in the top European leagues. We are now concentrated on the recruitment of players from abroad and therefore we’re interested and of Bulgarian talents. Currently we have only one client-Bulgarian Hristo Zahariev. Our customers are playing in the top leagues of Europe-Euroleague, Evrok″p, VTB League in Spain, Greece, Italy, Turkey, and even in Poland, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, etc.
The international camp in Bulgaria is something new to me, but I have high expectations. Bulgaria had a great young talents in the past and I think that even now it is possible to find interesting and talented children. I think the young should have a correct development project to become professional athletes. Therefore, it is important for them to gain a new and different experience with new coaches and a new sports system.
Like camp and in Estonia. This summer will be his third consecutive Edition, and through him we helped some children to find opportunities in other countries.
I think that the forthcoming camp in Gabrovo, Bulgaria will be a great experience. I hope to see many young basketball players who have the talent and the right motivation to follow their dream of becoming professional athletes.
I think there is no exact rule for the transition from youth to the men’s basketball. However, there are quite a few aspects that should be taken into account in order to help a young boy to become a player. Every child is different, so that the judgment must be according to these different aspects. Natural child who is talented and purposeful, should have the chance to be part of a professional project. If a child is ready to be part of the senior team, it really needs to get a chance to play. For this reason, it is important to have someone to help children to make the right decisions in the period of their development.