Tomaso Comellini about International Basketball Camp

1. Your organization is already known in Bulgaria, but could you tell us a little more about it?
My Agency is active in the market since the last 20 years and we are focused on elite international players.
Since the beginning we try to recruit the best prospect in order to plan the careers of the players and to create for them the best opportunities.
We had 4 players in the Nba and many in Euroleague and in the top European leagues.
2.Last year your Sigma sports was main international partner of IBC. Can you tell as what are your  impressions the camp?
Last year we started this adventure together with Mr. Vladimir Iskrov that managed the organization of the camp in a great way.

Location and organization was great in any aspects.
The hospitality was really appreciated by  all the people that was at the camp.

3. What is the main reason for you as a basketball agent to be interested to select kids in young age?
Firstly the young players needs help in order to approach the sport’s life.
Young players are full of energy and wants to improve, but at the beginning they don’t know exactly how to move and what are the best decision for their career.
Some of them doesn’t know about their talent and doesn’t have a real idea of their potential….for some others is the opposite.
At the beginning is important to explain them the different opportunities that they may have or that somebody can propose to them.
We are interested in the young players for all this reason; we know that we can really help them in the first decision and give them a real help.
A young is like a white paper that has to be written…..we help them to start, and if you start in the right way it is easier to continue even better.

4. We know you find many talented kids from Estonia. Do you thing that your help make the Estonia basketball on a higher level? Because increasingly often see national teams of Estonia in A division of the European youth championship, and the majority of the players compete in Italy or outer west Europe country ?

I begun to work with Estonian kids 4 years ago and in this period the youth Estonian National team became better and better.
Maybe is only a coincidence but in the mean time many young Estonian kids moved abroad and had big opportunities to improve in different systems.
Right now there are 8 young Estonians in Italy a couple in Germany and the same in Spain.
5. What you would like to tell to our young players?
I can tell them to follow their passion!
Sport is sacrifice and commitment, but also satisfaction and joy.