Steven Hansen about International Basketball Camp 2017


1. Coach, Please introduce your self we know you’ve been a great player tell more about you?

–  Well…I am from Birmingham in a town called Handsworth. I fell in love with basketball when it was on tv here in Englan, I think I was about 9 or 10. I fell in love with the passion and skill immediately. When I went to secondary school I was introduced to basketball on the playing side. I wouldn’t say the game came easy to me but I would say I did every drill that was asked of me.  2 years later I was representing my country aged 13, fr om then on my career went in full throttle.

2. Where you work now and what are you responsibilities?

– I work in the renewable energy industry where I advise people to switch to solar energy to save on energy costs. I consult with domestic customers, survey their property and book the order in.  It’s a very enjoyable job as I help people save money and that feels great.

3. Why You decided to become a coach after you professional career? 

  • – I decided to become a coach as I wanted to help the younger generation understand and play the game. I want to develop players to be the best they can be. I also love to compete, I embrace the challenge that comes with organising your team to beat another team, it’s a great thrill. I must say the love for the game and the feeling that I still have a lot to offer and learn from the game, I love basketball so coaching is the next best thing to playing in my opinion.

  • 4. What are the right steps to go to play professional ?
  • – I’m interested to seeing a group of young men who love basketball and want to play at the highest level possible. I want to see how much they love basketball by the way they play. For me, passion is huge as a passionate player will do their best to win everytime out. I expect to see a lot of good players with athleticism and skill but I am interested in their passion. 
  • 5. What will be interesting for you to see on our Camp?
  • – To all the kids at the camp….have fun while learning how to play the game. If you want to progress in basketball you must work very hard everyday without excuse. We all have our own signature, our own fingerprint or a way we play/interpret the game. What sets you apart from another player depends on how much you listened to the coaches? How hard do you work when you get the opportunity to play? Do you work on things you’re not good at? Only you can answer these questions. If you do these things you give yourself a chance in the future.