Sibelius Dzanardi for International Basketball Camp: we have work every day to your successful player

28-05-2016 14:06

Sibelius Dzanardi is one of the foreign coaches, who will be the guest of the International Basketball Camp (read more here). The Italian coach is more than 30 years and is currently the Director of basketball Academy Fidenza. Separately he is tasked by the Federation as head coach of 2002 set in their region, as well as with other tasks. Dzanardi said on the occasion of the invitation to visit in Gabrovo and the camp as a whole:
“First I want to thank Vladimir and his organization for having invited me to this camp in Bulgaria. Last season I was Director of the basketball Academy Fidenza, while at the same time I was working with the Assembly teams of my region (head coach to set 2002, 2001 and Assistant head coach in a Federation project for sets 98-99-2000). Last May I was with the national team at the 2002 tournament in Pescara. I am a coach for more than 30 years and I’ve worked with the young and with men’s teams. I’ve had the pleasure to work with such an amazing player like Mario Boni, who was the best scorer in Italy for all time, and a lot of young talent.
Currently, together with the Federation selecting teams. Every weekend looking to find new talents and to talk to their coaches. Then talk to a representative of the Federation and shall send all the information. With the other project of the Federation track and more unknown players who play in smaller clubs. It just might happen that in some years to develop and is more interesting compared to a few years ago. If we find such a player, every 15 days working with him. This program literally have reinvented Leonardo Totes, which was voted the most valuable player of the NHL All-Star game of young teams in the Euroleague last year. Previously, no one had heard of him.
I decided to join Campa, because I love working with young players. I like to see how the basketball skills are developing day after day. I like it and swap ideas and programs with other coaches and thus getting a new experience that I take with me in the future. I’m sure that in Bulgaria there are enough good basketball talent, and good coaches.
I have participated in similar organizations camps, and other countries. I think you will find young players with a great work ethic, motivation to develop their skills and understanding of the game. This can be extremely important to start a great career.
A lot of players I’ve ever met, now of playing in organizations camps best leagues of Italy, but also in Europe. Last summer I worked in Estonia at a similar camp. There were a lot of players set 1999 which were part of the national team. After this camp some of them went to play in Italy, France and Germany in good clubs. I know only one way to be a successful player-must work every day and many hours in which to build their basketball skills, but also your body, your athleticism and your mind. You have to learn to fight.

I will see you soon. ”