Over 200 children filled Gabrovo for International Basketball Camp

Over 200 children filled Gabrovo for International Basketball Camp
24-08-2016 14:39

Three days ago in Gabrovo complete International Basketball Camp, which was held for the first time. The main organizer Vladimir Iskrov has garnered a large number of coaches from Bulgaria, Italy and the United States, who worked with about 220 children.
A little more than a week young riders classes were held under the guidance of mentors, who remained satisfied with them. The coaches also were happy with what they saw as conditions and organization and hopes are to continue.
Unquestionably the greatest emotion experienced organizers and children when on Saturday attended an exhibition basketball game for people in wheelchairs. They truly enjoyed the enthusiasm of the people, which in turn also gave everything of themselves, albeit in such a situation.
One of the coaches in the school of Balkan-Melissa Daniels, was part of the campaign marches on, and after she had him to voice his satisfaction before BGbasket.com: "thank the organizer for inviting me to Vlado Iskrov be part of Campa and to everyone who participated in it. I salute the courage and bravery for Vlady to launch and implement such a large-scale project as this international camp. Thanks for the opportunity to work with outstanding specialists from Bulgaria and abroad. We can only be pleased by what they saw and what we did. Guests were pretty good coaches and I personally was able to learn new things. Congratulations also to the presence of the ass. Rogleva, since nowadays is very important and the psychology in sports. I'm glad at the end came and Georgi Panov and the children had the opportunity to experience this legend, who told them a lot of interesting stories. Thanks for the track days and hope this is the first of many subsequent camp. "

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