Mission and objectives


  • (1) the Mission of the Association "SPORTS CLUB-smile" is:

    Promotion of healthy lifestyles and improving health, physical abilities, mental state, and longevity of the nation, through systematic physical activity, sports for all and social tourism.
  • (2) the main objectives of the Association are:

    · Development and promotion of physical aktovnost, sport for all and social tourism amongst the population of starnata;

    · An increase in the number of people of different socio-demographic groups of the population practicing physical exercise, sports and social tourism.

    · Formation of attitudes towards sports at young generation;

    · Validation of physical education, sport and social tourism as an integral part of the educational process and of children;

    · Development, testing and implementation of programs to optimize motor mode and sports activities;

    Development of children and youth sport in the area of different types of sport through exercise and sports-racing;
    Use the possibilities of the sport for the formation and improvement of social skills, such as tolerance, solidarity, collectivism, "fair play";

    · Use the possibilities of the sport as a prevention against intolerance, violence, tobacco use, alcohol and drug consumption.

    Popularization and application of the European value system for the social significance of physical education and sport in the humanization of society and their role in the fight against political, racial, religious and other forms of discrimination.

    · Development of physical education and sports for the disabled and disadvantaged people in order to improve their quality of life, their rehabilitation and social integration;

    · Promoting volunteering in sport;