Giuseppe Siclari about International Basketball Camp


1. Would you tell us more about yourself, about your coaching experience and current occupation?

I graduated in Physical Education in 2013 and from the age of 18 who do the basketball coach. i have always worked in the youth sector and in recent years also the senior categories.
I started in a small company the Pallacanestro Chivasso and then move in PMS Basketball in the season 2011-2012.
Last year with my teams we have achieved these results
Serie B – winning play-out to remain in category
U20 – Interzona
U15 – Interzona

2. What are your main responsibilities now?

In the 2016-2017 season, I’ll take care of U15-16 junior categories, and I will be part of the PREP PMS project involving the governing workouts with all the companies that collaborate with our PMS structure.

3. Have you participated in similar camps before?

It is a few years ago, but the camp was a national and within the staff were not provided for coaches of other nations

4.In what aspects such camp would be useful for the Bulgarian children?

This week the guys can learn something different is being done in other countries and we coach must try to convey as best as possible the fundamentals of basketball to facilitate their game

5. Have you ever discovered talents during such camps?

Yes! It happened to me very often to coach youth basketball players in some camp, and then see them play in the best national and international competitions

6. How they became successful basketball players?

Surely through hard work and perseverance. I am convinced that in order to become a good player these aspects are fundamental. The search for continuous improvement allows the player to improve both in youth and in adulthood