Federico Vecchi for Campa in Gabrovo: Besides talent, the players need passion and motivation

Federico Vecchi for Campa in Gabrovo: Besides talent, the players need passion and motivation
10-08-2016 18:09

Federico Vecchi is one of foreign trainers, who will be the guest of the International Basketball Camp (read more here). The Italian is the Director of the school of Virtus Bologna, and 18-year-old coach of the formation of the Club. Here's what he said on the occasion That the invitation to visit in Gabrovo and the camp as a whole:


Tell us more about you, about your experience as a coach and his current job.

I was born on 29 October 1976, I've played basketball from 6 to 24 years of age, and then became a coach at the club where I was playing. I am currently Director of youth programme of the Virtus Bologna and coached the team to 18 years.


-What are your main duties at the moment?

-The need to develop the school of our Club – to find new talents and to help the coaches to develop our players, deploying their full potential. Our most important goal is the young players to play in the senior team.


-Why did you decide to get involved in International Basketball Camp?

Because I know foreign players and coaches in a foreign country is one of the main goals of my work and give me valuable experience. For me, this is the first visit to Bulgaria and a wonderful opportunity to get to know a new country and culture for me.


-Participated in similar organizations camps before? In what way such a camp can be useful for Bulgarian children?

Yes, I have participated in Italy and Estonia. To answer that question accurately, you must know the specific needs of the Bulgarian players, but I think they can develop the technical and physical skills.


-You Find talents during such organizations camps? How they have developed to successful basketball players?

Yes, this can happen. To become a Pro, a player needs a talent, but it's not all because in order to grow, you need to have passion and motivation. "Internal fire" makes the difference.


-If you want to add one more thing.

Thank you for your hospitality and see you soon!

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