Federico Vecchi about International Basketball Camp


1. Would you tell us more about yourself, about your coaching experience and current occupation?

I was born the 26th of october 1976, I played baskeball till 6 to 24 years old. In 1999 I started to coach in the club were I played. This is my CV

Youth program director and Coach Under18
Virtus Pallacanestro Bologna

luglio 2015 – presente (1 anno 2 mesi)Bologna, Italia

Assistant Basketball Coach A2 Gold

Fulgorlibertas Forlì

agosto 2014 – gennaio 2015 (5 mesi) Forlì Cesena, Italia

Head Coach Dna Gold

Andrea Costa Imola

dicembre 2013 – giugno 2014 (7 mesi)

Assistant Coach Legadue and Coach Under 19 eccellenza

Andrea Costa Imola

giugno 2011 – dicembre 2013 (2 anni 7 mesi)

Assistant Coach Legadue

Basket Club Ferrara

agosto 2010 – giugno 2011 (11 mesi)

Coach serie C dil and Coach under17 and under15

Castiglione Murri Bologna

agosto 2007 – giugno 2010 (2 anni 11 mesi)

Assistant coach serie A dil and coach under19 Eccellenza

Gira Ozzano

agosto 2006 – giugno 2007 (11 mesi)

Youth program director

UP Calderara Basket

agosto 2005 – giugno 2006 (11 mesi)

Assistant coach serie B dil and youth program director

GS Castel San Pietero

agosto 2003 – giugno 2005 (1 anno 11 mesi)

Coach JUNIOR PROGRAM Virtus pallacanestro Bologna

Virtus Pallacanestro Bologna

agosto 2000 – giugno 2003 (2 anni 11 mesi)
Coach Under15 

Up Calderara Basket

agosto 1999 – giugno 2000 (11 mesi)

2. What are your main responsibilities now?

-I have to develop the youth program of my club. Find new talentes and help our staff to train our players to their best possibilities. The main goal is that our young players can play in our senior team

3. Why did you decide to join the International basketball camp?

Because to know new players, new coaches exspecially in a foreign country it’s one of the main goal of our job and help us to improve with postive experience. For me it’s the first time in Bulgary so it’s a great opportunity to Know a new country and his culture.

4. Have you participated in similar camps before? In what aspects such camp would be useful for the Bulgarian children?

 Yes in italy and in Estonia. To answer I need to Know better the particular needs of your players but i think that to live that exsperience can help them to improve their thechnical and physical abilities

5. Have you ever discovered talents during such camps? How they became successful basketball players?

Yes can happen. A player to became a professional playes needs talent, but it’s not at all, because to grow up needs also attitude, passion and motivation. “The internal fire” make the different