Fabrizio Canella about International Basketball Camp


1. Would you tell us more about yourself, about your coaching experience and current occupation

2. What are your main responsibilities now?
My last seasons have been:
Stagione 2011/12:   –    Ass. Coach B1 presso PMS Basketball Coach Faina (Playoff)

– Coach  U16 eccellenza PMS Basketball (Interzona)
Stagione 2012/13:   – Ass. Coach B1 presso PMS Basketball Coach Pillastrini  (Promossi in A2)
– Coach U15 eccellenza PMS Basketball (Interzona)
Stagione 2013/14:   – Ass. Coach A2 presso PMS Basketball Coach Pillastrini    (Semifinale Playoff
–   Coach  U14 eccellenza presso PMS Basketball (Titolo Regionale)
Stagione 2014/15:  –   Ass. Coach A2 presso Pallacanestro Trapani Coach Lardo
–   Responsabile Tecnico Settore Giovanile Pallacanestro Trapani
Stagione 2015/16:   –   Responsabile Tecnico Settore Giovanile Pallacanestro Trapani
–   Coach  U14 presso Pallacanestro Trapani (Titolo Regionale +      Finali Nazionali
–   Coach  U16 eccellenza presso Pallacanestro Trapani (Interzona)
Stagione 2016/17:   –   Responsabile Tecnico Settore Giovanile Pallacanestro Trapani
 – Coach U15 eccellenza presso Pallacanestro Trapani (Make also  l’EYBL)
 – Coach U18 eccellenza presso Pallacanestro Trapani (Titolo Regionale + spareggio Finali Nazionali)

 3. Why did you decide to join the International basketball camp?

Because I think that new important experiences are a lot important for a coach
4. Have you participated in similar camps before? In what aspects such camp would be useful for the Bulgarian children?
I have participated a similar Camp in Italy (Eurocamp in Cesenatico) and in USA (Ryder University in New Jersey). Is very import this Camp for the Coach and also for the guys. Because the training are to the base  to become  a good coach/player
5. Have you ever discovered talents during such camps? How they became successful basketball players?

When I have been in Eurocamp (Italy) i look a lot of good young players. I hope to find young people talents also in Bulgarian.