Deputy. the President of Mrs. Alya DAZD Dahl: "I wish you to jump so high that to top it your dreams"

Yesterday was officially the indoor International Basketball Camp, which took place from the 15th to the 22nd August. Gabrovo. The event was attended by Ms. Velina Dai, Vice. Chairman of DAZD, Ms. Tanya Das, Mayor of Gabrovo and Mr Georgi Glushkov, President of the Bulgarian basketball Federation.

Before the start of the official part took place, however, and an extremely competitive game coaches against players, coaches gained victory. Young people do not have given up without a fight and have shown amazing skills and abilities in basketball.

"Congratulations to the entire organization, for the support given by the municipality of Gabrovo and give a great opportunity for children from all over the country to participate in such an event". This share Mrs Dahl on the closure of Campa and more: "I wish you to jump so high that to top it your dreams".

Mrs. Tanya Das happy participants in the basketball camp, as is committed to conducting its annual from now on in Gabrovo. "Sport builds physical, moral and volitional qualities, learn, respect and discipline-qualities that are missing in part of young people. For this, seeing a great desire and am committed to continue to do international basketball camp here in Gabrovo.

"You don't have to be from Sofia to play basketball. It's important to have desire and pursue your dream "that children share with Mr Georgi Glushkov.

Amazing v″lnuvaci emotions, medals, statuettes and prizes for all participants, smiling, shining children's faces and a thousand memories that won't go away. This is just a small part of the atmosphere, which was in the hotel room. And for the finale, as well as the opening of the basketball camp, sound national anthem of Bulgaria.

So ended the first edition of the International Basketball Camp in Gabrovo. By next summer, with more players, coaches and managers.