Chris Dial about International Basketball Camp

1. Can you give me information for Basketball Embassy (What is basketball Embassy, Ho is the founder, how you help to the player)?
Vlad, the best thing to do would be to copy and paste some of this from our website
Briefly though, We are an organization that seeks to assist other organizations by growing and developing basketball in their country or region while building relationships and community through basketball. The organization was founded by Chris Dial and we hope to create ambassadors to the game of basketball. We help players develp fundamental skills and techniques as well as successful character elements like discipline, hard-work, integrity and dedication. 

2. Tell us more about the coaches in Basketball Embassy?

Our Coaches are from all over the world, but the organization was started in the US. Primarily we have used Coach Joey Tate and Dustin Karrer in the most recent years over in Europe. Both men were successful high school coaches in the US and both have international Coaching experience. Coach Dustin Karrer will most likely be The Basketball Embassy representative at the International Basketball Camp in Gabrovo. 

3. You’ve been in Bulgaria on IBC last year what is your impressions?

The Basketball Embassy is excited to be a part of IBC this year. After visiting last year, Joey, Dustin and I had the great opportunity of working with some of the players and coaches. It is a great organization and Vladimir does an awesoe job of putting everything together. 

4. Do you think Bulgarian kids have a chance to go to study in US university via basketball?

Absolutely. Americans love Bulgarians! It is all about building successful and healthy relationships. We are happy to help however we can in the process by putting coaches and players in contact. 

5. What are the most important qualities for the young players to become a professional players?

There are many, but having a great ATTITUDE, being willing to develop a RESPECT and strong WORK ETHIC are some of the most important. Without those things, it would be difficult for anyone to be a great player. 

6. If you would like to say something?

We are excited about coming and working with the IBC staff and players.