Bulgarian Basketball Society (BBO)

Bulgarian Basketball society (BBO) is a nonprofit organization created by the representatives of the hambone clubs in Bulgaria to promote basketball game and turning in a mass sport.


Art. 1. "Bulgarian BASKETBALL society is a voluntary, independent, non-political, non-religious organisation, nesindikalna and unifying physical and juridical persons, to support the development of the sport of basketball and in particular amateur sport basketball in Bulgaria (" the Association ").



Sigma Sports

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BK Polytechnic

This amateur team of BK Polytechnic was created as a natural extension of the student team of the "University for architecture, construction and Geodesy" played from 1996 to 2002 in student Championships in Bulgaria. Since 2002 the teams of BK Polytechnic have always been an integral part of the Hambone basketball championships. Created is a tradition in preseason the team to take part in the strong international tournaments for amateurs. Strong games and team spirit shown by BC in Polytechnic these races, making the Bulgarian amateur teams desired participant for all organizers.

In 2016 is registered and the official basketball club. The object which is placed in front of the leadership and members of the Club's development of a basketball school, primarily aimed at the development of talented children.