Camp in Serbia

Sports and training camps that organizes sports club "Smile" in the village of Inova, ethno complex "Sr″na" which is 1 km away. from the town of Muddy-Serbia, 130 km from Sofia, 50 km north of Pirot. The region is famous for its beautiful rock layouts, mountain tourism and the hospitality of the local people. As the crow flies, the highest point of Stara Planina in Serbia, tip Babin LAR (Babin tooth) is 2 km from the Bulgarian border. Balkan mountains in Serbia is incredibly attractive for tourism and children's camps with their huge spaces between the different elevations, which create a sense of immensity. An attractive and beautiful place, where you can practice many sports.

  • Fieldwork period of 03.07.2016 summer camps-09.07.2016
  • About the hotel

    The hotel is just built and is situated at the foot of the mountain, features an outdoor pool and 15 acres of fenced yard for him.
  • About the food

    Home-made with eco-friendly and healthy products.
  • Goals of the camp

    Forming processes and qualities as children: autonomy, development of sports skills, enrichment of the common culture of children, improve their physical and mental capacity, develop their individuality, building them as good people and personalities.

    How it's going to work an educational training process: in the period of camp children will be taught in different kinds of sports-basketball, football, swimming, hiking, volleyball. Full day tour will be arranged to mount Babin Lar, at which time, they will acquire the skills for guidance and survival in the forest, as well as knowledge of the surrounding flora and fauna. Fun and racing games will develop their mental activity, will form the home team work skills and competitive spirit. Time management skills will be pursued through both theoretical knowledge, and through arrangements which will follow. Special attention will be paid to the arts – singing, dancing, painting, crafting, ikebana, which will stimulate their creativity and imagination. A great way to relax and forming of interest in children. Will be affected and social and environmental themes to cause social sensitivity and responsible behavior. The 03.07.2016 will be visiting Fort in the city of Pirod.

  • Return of the 09.07.2016

    At 10:00 local time, the Group travelled from the ethno complex "Srna" to Gabrovo and arrives at 18:00 in front of the hotel room.
  • An advance payment of $ 100.

    They must be submitted to 30.03.2016. The rest of the amount is paid in the period between 25.06.2015 – 30.06.2016.
  • Price 349 EUR

    Included are all costs – food, accommodation, transport, insurance, use of sports facilities, pool, visiting tourist sites.