Bryan Heron about International Basketball Camp

Bryan Heron

Good morning my name is Bryan Heron I am the director of MH skills Academy in Connecticut. MH Academy is a residential training facilities (focus group boys 14-18). I’ve been coaching and training for the last 20 years. (2) my full-time position is I am a Social worker/educator. (3) over the past 20 years I have train or coach over 30 Division I players.

During that time I have also train or coach several NBA players. (4) The biggest obstacle for most players who is interesting in playing division one basketball is the academic standards. The Earlier a player starts the process the better the outcome is to be eligible. In order to play Division one basketball there are certain academic criterion/qualification that a player must have. (5) I would love to see the young players who would like to play Division I basketball in the United States. (6) I am honored, excited and bless to  part of your basketball camp. Thank you very much for the opportunity.