Brent Timpton about International Basketball Camp

1.   Coach, Please introduce your self (what kind of coaching experience you have, important  wins,  prominent players )
– My name is Brent Tipton and I have coached 5 years for Guam’s U16 and U18 Men’s National team (3 Golds MBT 2012, 2013, 2015, 1 Gold U18 FIBA Oceania Championships Division B 2014 and 1 Bronze U18 FIBA Oceania Championships Division A 2016, 2 years assistant coach for Guam’s Men’s Senior National team (1 Gold 2015 Pacific Games) and 1 year coaching The University of Guam. 

2.  Where you work now and what are you responsibilities?
– Head Coach of The University of Guam.
Head Coach U18 Men’s National team
3.  Do you have D1 players ( also what is the level in D1 collages)?
– I do not currently coach D1 Players. The University of Guam is not in a Conference and we do not associate with NCAA or NAIA. We have signed one former D1 Player to play at UOG (Blake Jenkins-Belmont University),(AJ Brown NAIA D1) one former D2 player and FBA player in the Phillippines (Geno Anderson-Walter State) and DeMadjeo Simon (Napa Valley Community College), and Michael Sakazaki (Chaminade Univervsity-D2).
4.  What are the right steps to go studying and playing in USA Colleges  Leagues?
– At UOG we get a lot of contact from players all over the world. Since we are a smaller school we actually look at all the players who send in their highlight videos and we communicate with players who request for more information about the school. Elite players all over the world are trying to get into the US elite schools like DUKE and Kentucky, but there are many opportunities to play at a high level and get great opportunities at smaller schools. First step is getting exposure by either attending camps in the US and also definitely sending highlight video to schools a player is interested in. 
5.  What will be interesting for you to see on our Camp?
– I am excited to see how players bring energy and enthusiasm to every drill in the camp as well as putting themselves in positions to where they have to show a greater work ethic than their peers around them. Camp is all about working on areas of their game they are not proficient at.  Its ok to fail in a drill to get better as they work at the fundamentals throughout the week.
6.  Do you what to tell something on the kids who will be part of International basketball camp?
– Bring ENERGY and ENTHUSIASM to every drill. What will set you apart from the other campers is not your current abilities but your mentality to get better.We see that through their body language.  Don’t fear mistakes, fear being comfortable.