Assoc. Rogleva: Sport Psychology helps athletes to extend their repertoire of mental skills

28-07-2016 14:05

RoglevaAssociate Professor Galina Domusčieva-Rogleva will be a guest of International Basketball Camp (read more about it here). Sports psychology specialist will visit Gabrovo, to help young players with advice. At the same time, the organizers of the campaign marches on and secured the sponsor. This is the mineral water “Gorna Banya”, through which they will be secured for 3000 bottles participants. Here is the interview with Associate Professor Domusčieva-Rogleva:
-Introduce yourself in a few words, who are you and what do you do?
My name is Galina Domusčieva-Rogleva and I am an associate professor of sports psychology at the NATIONAL SPORTS ACADEMY “Vasil Levski”-Sofia.

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Tommaso Komelini for International Basketball Camp: I have high expectations

19-05-2016 05:00 | Lubomir Neshev

Tommaso Komelini is not known on the Bulgarian community, but is sufficiently well known in European basketball. It is part of the heads of agency Sigma Sports, which is a partner of International Basketball Camp (read here). The Agency will also send coaches to Kampa, which will be held in the month of August in Gabrovo. Here’s what share Kamelini on the occasion of Campa and his agency: Continue reading

Sibelius Dzanardi for International Basketball Camp: we have work every day to your successful player

28-05-2016 14:06

Sibelius Dzanardi is one of the foreign coaches, who will be the guest of the International Basketball Camp (read more here). The Italian coach is more than 30 years and is currently the Director of basketball Academy Fidenza. Separately he is tasked by the Federation as head coach of 2002 set in their region, as well as with other tasks. Dzanardi said on the occasion of the invitation to visit in Gabrovo and the camp as a whole: Continue reading

Jacopo Skuarčina for International Basketball Camp: the young have to reiterate that nothing is impossible

20-06-2016 14:50

IacopoJacopo Skuarčina is another one of the Italian coaches who will take part in the International Basketball Camp in Gabrovo (read here). In a brief interview Skuarčina tells about his work of the Apennines and the ideas for the development of young players and the camp:
Tell me more about your experience with what coaches and players work now?

-I started coaching career, a 22-year-old in Venaria can, which is a small town near Turin, where it gained for three seasons with teams for girls to 15 and 17 years. In my second season started and important two-year specialization across Italy, which gave me the opportunity to learn from some of the best coaches as Andrea Kapobianko, Franco Marčeleti and Antonio Bokino. In the season of 2013/2014 I became part of the headquarters of ICP basketball thanks to the desire of Andrea Bauzano. In fact I am currently Assistant of Vincenco Di Melio (who is Assistant to the national youth up to 18 years) at the youth team, which is one of the best in Italy with interesting talent as Caruso, Baldaso, Trejer and Hagen. Also I am assistant coach and men's team, which plays in the third Division, plus Italian head coach of 14-year-old boys.
-How your club is organized?

-CMD Basketball is one of the top clubs in Italy and Europe for young athletes. Our idea is to create players that are willing to play professionally and that to happen at the right time, without haste or squeeze them before they are ready. Formiraŝiât process is long and complicated and require careful and specific program. Individual development of players in a team context, is at the heart of our work and everything revolves around it.
-What's the most important thing for the development of a young player?

I don't think that's one thing. I think that the development of the young players have to depend on many aspects (technical and tactical, physical, mental). That being said, I'm sure it all starts in the heads of the players-the work ethic is something extremely important. The will to progress and desire are the ordinary things that make you a better player and person, or at least as much as possible with your natural skills.
-Do you have experience in similar organizations camps in other States, and what is the advantage for the players in them?

-I have participated in quite a few organizations camps in Italy and last year for the first time I was out in the Wine, Estonia. There I trained young players from different countries and I had the living room meeting with coaches from all over Europe. This was my first European camp and without a doubt I can say it was amazing and very stimulating experience. I learned a lot of things, not only technical, but also about relationships and I think the players have managed to gain benefit from the different training methods and philosophies. The fact that kamp″t was not one-sided, it made it very special for everyone and especially for the children who progressed a lot for such a short period. It is clear that the daily work (about 6 hours a day on the ground plus the time spent together outside the Hall) with players of the same level, and sometimes higher, while at the same time and with different personalities and approaches, making for a child's individual progress even faster.
Could you say something of Bulgarian children? What to expect from you?

I'm a coach who loves basketball more than anything else. I love working with young players and trying to teach them how to improve their game and their basic knowledge, and at the same time and I'm still trying to learn from them how to adapt my coaching methods and ideas. I would like all children have fun playing this wonderful sport, but to have fun, you have to sacrifice themselves on the pitch, you have to work harder, have to accept every note and I have to reiterate that nothing is impossible. And this is indeed the case.


Federico Vecchi for Campa in Gabrovo: Besides talent, the players need passion and motivation

Federico Vecchi for Campa in Gabrovo: Besides talent, the players need passion and motivation
10-08-2016 18:09

Federico Vecchi is one of foreign trainers, who will be the guest of the International Basketball Camp (read more here). The Italian is the Director of the school of Virtus Bologna, and 18-year-old coach of the formation of the Club. Here's what he said on the occasion That the invitation to visit in Gabrovo and the camp as a whole:


Tell us more about you, about your experience as a coach and his current job.

I was born on 29 October 1976, I've played basketball from 6 to 24 years of age, and then became a coach at the club where I was playing. I am currently Director of youth programme of the Virtus Bologna and coached the team to 18 years.


-What are your main duties at the moment?

-The need to develop the school of our Club – to find new talents and to help the coaches to develop our players, deploying their full potential. Our most important goal is the young players to play in the senior team.


-Why did you decide to get involved in International Basketball Camp?

Because I know foreign players and coaches in a foreign country is one of the main goals of my work and give me valuable experience. For me, this is the first visit to Bulgaria and a wonderful opportunity to get to know a new country and culture for me.


-Participated in similar organizations camps before? In what way such a camp can be useful for Bulgarian children?

Yes, I have participated in Italy and Estonia. To answer that question accurately, you must know the specific needs of the Bulgarian players, but I think they can develop the technical and physical skills.


-You Find talents during such organizations camps? How they have developed to successful basketball players?

Yes, this can happen. To become a Pro, a player needs a talent, but it's not all because in order to grow, you need to have passion and motivation. "Internal fire" makes the difference.


-If you want to add one more thing.

Thank you for your hospitality and see you soon!


Giuseppe Siklari for International Basketball Camp: players can see how it works in other countries

Giuseppe Siklari for International Basketball Camp: players can see how it works in other countries
13-08-2016 14:10

Giuseppe Siklari was one of the foreign coaches, who will be the guest of the International Basketball Camp (read more here). The Italian works in PMS Torino and next season will lead a 15-and 16-year-old players of the Club. Siklari said on the occasion of the invitation to visit in Gabrovo and the camp as a whole:


Tell us more about you, about your experience as a coach and his current job.

-I finished my "physical education" in 2013 and 18-year-old deal with own team. I've always worked with adolescents, and in recent years – and in older ages. I started working for Čivazo, but in 2011 I moved to PMS Torino.


-What are your main duties at the moment?

-In 2016/2017 will work with teams to 15-16 years old and will be part of a project that deals with the physical training of all companies associated with PMS.


-Participated in similar organizations camps before?

Yes, a few years ago in Italy and was attended by foreign coaches.


In what way such a camp can be useful for Bulgarian children?

-Players can learn something different, how it works in other countries. The coaches have the best way to teach them the basics of basketball, to improve their game.


-You Find talents during such organizations camps? How they have developed to successful basketball players?

-Yes! It often happened to me to coach young players at the camp, and then to see them play in the best national and international competitions.


How they became successful basketball players?

-Certainly by much hard work and consistency. I am convinced that these are the most important factors to become a strong player. Search for continual improvement allows the player to evolve as what in the teenage years, and as a professional.


220 children gathered at the first international basketball camp in Gabrovo

In Gabrovo over 220 children from all over the country and abroad gathered at the first-ever international basketball camp. For a week the kids trained under the guidance of the best coaches from Bulgaria, Italy and America, and the final selection will take place, which gives a chance to play in the best European teams. As part of the program in Gabrovo took place and an exhibition match for people with disabilities, which showed that young talent for the big ambition and a love for the sport has no limits.

Deputy. the President of Mrs. Alya DAZD Dahl: "I wish you to jump so high that to top it your dreams"

Yesterday was officially the indoor International Basketball Camp, which took place from the 15th to the 22nd August. Gabrovo. The event was attended by Ms. Velina Dai, Vice. Chairman of DAZD, Ms. Tanya Das, Mayor of Gabrovo and Mr Georgi Glushkov, President of the Bulgarian basketball Federation.

Before the start of the official part took place, however, and an extremely competitive game coaches against players, coaches gained victory. Young people do not have given up without a fight and have shown amazing skills and abilities in basketball.

"Congratulations to the entire organization, for the support given by the municipality of Gabrovo and give a great opportunity for children from all over the country to participate in such an event". This share Mrs Dahl on the closure of Campa and more: "I wish you to jump so high that to top it your dreams".

Mrs. Tanya Das happy participants in the basketball camp, as is committed to conducting its annual from now on in Gabrovo. "Sport builds physical, moral and volitional qualities, learn, respect and discipline-qualities that are missing in part of young people. For this, seeing a great desire and am committed to continue to do international basketball camp here in Gabrovo.

"You don't have to be from Sofia to play basketball. It's important to have desire and pursue your dream "that children share with Mr Georgi Glushkov.

Amazing v″lnuvaci emotions, medals, statuettes and prizes for all participants, smiling, shining children's faces and a thousand memories that won't go away. This is just a small part of the atmosphere, which was in the hotel room. And for the finale, as well as the opening of the basketball camp, sound national anthem of Bulgaria.

So ended the first edition of the International Basketball Camp in Gabrovo. By next summer, with more players, coaches and managers.


Over 200 children filled Gabrovo for International Basketball Camp

Over 200 children filled Gabrovo for International Basketball Camp
24-08-2016 14:39

Three days ago in Gabrovo complete International Basketball Camp, which was held for the first time. The main organizer Vladimir Iskrov has garnered a large number of coaches from Bulgaria, Italy and the United States, who worked with about 220 children.
A little more than a week young riders classes were held under the guidance of mentors, who remained satisfied with them. The coaches also were happy with what they saw as conditions and organization and hopes are to continue.
Unquestionably the greatest emotion experienced organizers and children when on Saturday attended an exhibition basketball game for people in wheelchairs. They truly enjoyed the enthusiasm of the people, which in turn also gave everything of themselves, albeit in such a situation.
One of the coaches in the school of Balkan-Melissa Daniels, was part of the campaign marches on, and after she had him to voice his satisfaction before "thank the organizer for inviting me to Vlado Iskrov be part of Campa and to everyone who participated in it. I salute the courage and bravery for Vlady to launch and implement such a large-scale project as this international camp. Thanks for the opportunity to work with outstanding specialists from Bulgaria and abroad. We can only be pleased by what they saw and what we did. Guests were pretty good coaches and I personally was able to learn new things. Congratulations also to the presence of the ass. Rogleva, since nowadays is very important and the psychology in sports. I'm glad at the end came and Georgi Panov and the children had the opportunity to experience this legend, who told them a lot of interesting stories. Thanks for the track days and hope this is the first of many subsequent camp. "


The first review in the poll for the basketball organizations camps

29-08-2016 14:04

A few days ago announced the beginning of poll-related basketball organizations camps taking place in Bulgaria during the summer. The idea of the poll's organizers to gain a real appreciation for menažiranite of these camps to know what and how to improve, to develop in their work. Also future participants to see the impressions of those before them and easier to decide when, where and why to attend camp.


Already received a first letter from the editorial e-mail. It was a 15-year-old participant in International Basketball Camp, which was held in Gabrovo. Here are the impressions of Borislav of Plovdiv:


"My name is Eboni, from Plovdiv am and train at Beroe. I'm 15 years old. This is the sixth camp to me. Of all Bulgarian camps, of which I have been, I liked this in Gabrovo. Conditions were quite good and the hotel, and in the Hall. The preparation was perfect, there was a military-industrial complex. We had lectures by Georgi Panov and psychologist. The coaches who lead the group that wasn't for me were pretty good – Antonio Stankov and Nicholas Dale. In our group we had the opportunity to train with a coach in America, and courses had everywhere. And the 12 groups had a place to work out.


A day in the Campa passed so for our group: woke up at 6:30 and 7:00 am we had breakfast, then practice from 8:00 to 9:30 and rest until 12:30. Then we had lunch and afterwards we had free time to 14:00 and 16:00 break up, then drill from 17:15 to 18:30, and dinner. Then one hour break and one more workout from 8:15 to 21:00.


I have no recommendations for the following year, I was very pleased with this first edition. My dreams related to basketball, to play somewhere in Europe some day. Maybe Spain or Greece, and why not even in the NBA. With basketball I do already for eight years. "


Looking forward to your impressions of the kampovete, and more about the poll read here