International Basketball Camp 2018 – Presentation


International Basketball Camp 2018


Vlado Iskrov: The idea of ​​the International Basketball Camp is to serve as a springboard for young players

This summer, for the third consecutive year, Gabrovo will host the International Basketball Camp – one of the camps with a large number of participants, coaches from abroad and including a number of concomitant events. For the previous editions, the ideas for this year, the innovations and the mission of the camp we talked with the main organizer Vladimir Iskrov:

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Federico Vecchi about International Basketball Camp


1. Would you tell us more about yourself, about your coaching experience and current occupation?

I was born the 26th of october 1976, I played baskeball till 6 to 24 years old. In 1999 I started to coach in the club were I played. This is my CV

Youth program director and Coach Under18
Virtus Pallacanestro Bologna

luglio 2015 – presente (1 anno 2 mesi)Bologna, Italia

Assistant Basketball Coach A2 Gold

Fulgorlibertas Forlì

agosto 2014 – gennaio 2015 (5 mesi) Forlì Cesena, Italia

Head Coach Dna Gold

Andrea Costa Imola

dicembre 2013 – giugno 2014 (7 mesi)

Assistant Coach Legadue and Coach Under 19 eccellenza

Andrea Costa Imola

giugno 2011 – dicembre 2013 (2 anni 7 mesi)

Assistant Coach Legadue

Basket Club Ferrara

agosto 2010 – giugno 2011 (11 mesi)

Coach serie C dil and Coach under17 and under15

Castiglione Murri Bologna

agosto 2007 – giugno 2010 (2 anni 11 mesi)

Assistant coach serie A dil and coach under19 Eccellenza

Gira Ozzano

agosto 2006 – giugno 2007 (11 mesi)

Youth program director

UP Calderara Basket

agosto 2005 – giugno 2006 (11 mesi)

Assistant coach serie B dil and youth program director

GS Castel San Pietero

agosto 2003 – giugno 2005 (1 anno 11 mesi)

Coach JUNIOR PROGRAM Virtus pallacanestro Bologna

Virtus Pallacanestro Bologna

agosto 2000 – giugno 2003 (2 anni 11 mesi)
Coach Under15 

Up Calderara Basket

agosto 1999 – giugno 2000 (11 mesi)

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Giuseppe Siclari about International Basketball Camp


1. Would you tell us more about yourself, about your coaching experience and current occupation?

I graduated in Physical Education in 2013 and from the age of 18 who do the basketball coach. i have always worked in the youth sector and in recent years also the senior categories.
I started in a small company the Pallacanestro Chivasso and then move in PMS Basketball in the season 2011-2012.
Last year with my teams we have achieved these results
Serie B – winning play-out to remain in category
U20 – Interzona
U15 – Interzona

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Bryan Heron about International Basketball Camp

Bryan Heron

Good morning my name is Bryan Heron I am the director of MH skills Academy in Connecticut. MH Academy is a residential training facilities (focus group boys 14-18). I’ve been coaching and training for the last 20 years. (2) my full-time position is I am a Social worker/educator. (3) over the past 20 years I have train or coach over 30 Division I players. Continue reading

Chris Dial about International Basketball Camp

1. Can you give me information for Basketball Embassy (What is basketball Embassy, Ho is the founder, how you help to the player)?
Vlad, the best thing to do would be to copy and paste some of this from our website
Briefly though, We are an organization that seeks to assist other organizations by growing and developing basketball in their country or region while building relationships and community through basketball. The organization was founded by Chris Dial and we hope to create ambassadors to the game of basketball. We help players develp fundamental skills and techniques as well as successful character elements like discipline, hard-work, integrity and dedication. 

2. Tell us more about the coaches in Basketball Embassy?

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Tomaso Comellini about International Basketball Camp

1. Your organization is already known in Bulgaria, but could you tell us a little more about it?
My Agency is active in the market since the last 20 years and we are focused on elite international players.
Since the beginning we try to recruit the best prospect in order to plan the careers of the players and to create for them the best opportunities.
We had 4 players in the Nba and many in Euroleague and in the top European leagues.
2.Last year your Sigma sports was main international partner of IBC. Can you tell as what are your  impressions the camp?
Last year we started this adventure together with Mr. Vladimir Iskrov that managed the organization of the camp in a great way.

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